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Over time our team has built up some impressive knowledge and experience on business insurance for cafes.

Via this blog we will share some of this knowledge.

Please keep in mind that any information within our blog articles is general in nature, and you should speak with a qualified insurance broker before making any final decisions on your insurance.


Cafes under-insuring themselves
8 January 2015
Most established cafes have a decent level of insurance in place, but many are still taking risks with insufficient cover.

Cafe insurance costs
22 August 2014
We've put together a handy guide explaining how the cost of cafe insurance is affected by various factors.

Should you use a broker?
9 July 2014
If you own a cafe is it better to use an insurance broker, or can you save money by cutting out the middle man and doing it yourself?

Pay your insurance monthly
4 March 2014
Business insurance can be a large expense for a cafe, but one way to reduce the cash flow impact is to pay your premiums monthly.

Cheapest Insurance for a Cafe
16 December 2013
Whilst we'd never recommend that a cafe owner chooses the cheapest minimal insurance available, it's a fact that some insurance is better than no insurance...

Insuring a New Cafe
28 October 2013
Setting up a new cafe is an exciting (and sometimes stressful!) time. There are plenty of things to think about, and insurance is one of them.

Cafe Insurance Quotes
16 September 2013
If you're looking for insurance quotes for your cafe there are a few things to look out for, and our experts can help you with each of them.

Income Protection Insurance for Cafe Owners
29 August 2013
Unless your cafe could keep paying your income whilst you were unable to work indefinitly, you may need to consider income protection insurance.

Cafe Public Liability Insurance
26 August 2013
The most common form of business insurance for cafes is public liability. We've put together a guide on the important factors you need to know.

Cafe Insurance Types
8 August 2013
We've put together a guide which covers all of the major types of insurance which can be useful for cafe owners and operators.


Australia Wide Service

We can assist cafe owners and operators throughout Australia.

Wherever your cafe is located, our team can assist you via your preferred contact method.

Expert Service & Advice

Our network of insurance advisers and brokers specialise in small business.

They know the risks that cafe owners face, and they know how to get the right insurance in place for you and your business.

Personal Protection

We understand that whilst it's important to protect your business, you also have to protect yourself.

That's why our team also consists of a personal risk specialist who can help you with cover including income protection and life insurance.

New Cafe Specialists

One of our areas of expertise is helping new cafes and first-time owners.

Business insurance can be daunting if this is your first business, but our team can help you through the process to make it as easy as possible.

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We do not hold an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and are not licensed to provide insurance products, however the insurance professionals we partner with are. For more information please refer to our terms of use.

The contents of this website is general in nature and has not been prepared with your personal circumstances in mind. Before making any decisions relating to your insurance you should first seek advice from a qualified and licenced insurance professional. You must not make any decisions based solely on the contents of this website.

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